Business Advisory
Built to Last

Providing a Clear Path to the Public Markets For Innovative Startups, Hypergrowth Companies, and Enterprises

Our Mission

As your business advisory partner, we want to help pave your capital plan & path to liquidity.

Founder focused. Entrepreneur-friendly. Living through the pain of how venture capital works, we discovered a clear need for someone to protect, structure, and represent innovative entrepreneurs, businesses, and startups. We maximize value by supporting your strategic planning across your multi-year plan.


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Advisory Services

We provide full Go-to-Market services, including marketing, legal, and accounting needs, in preparation of your Public listing.

Corporate Strategy

Deep-dive into your inner workings to create a roadmap for growth, exits, or go-to-market listing.

Financial Advisory

Advice on capital structure, 5-year planning, pro-forma readiness, recommendations of types of investment vehicles to maximize your chances of success.

Board & Advisory

Build a sustainable capital structure that protects your business and equity through our board, advisory and consulting services.

Private Placement

Leverage our extensive investor network for strategic capital while protecting your cap table.

Shell Investments

Utilize UpCapital's Shells positioned for the Canadian public markets.

Client Portfolio

GoGallop Studios

Leading Australian-based game publisher with officially licensed FEI equestrian game garnering millions of downloads worldwide. Featuring 15 of the world's top eventing riders to compete in 5* events and over 45 world-class horses to collect.

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Vertical Farming Technology
Stack Foods Industries

Producing North America's top quality plant protein as a sustainable food product using cutting-edge, patented technology.

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Electric Tractors
Cellestial E-Mobility

EV tractor company focused on capitalizing on a largely untapped market with no clear leader or dominant player. Servicing the increased requirement for smart agriculture machines.

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Carbon-based Supercapacitors
Atlas Power Technologies

Highest energy density carbon-based supercapacitors recorded, using commonly mined resources and a simple manufacturing process. Non-explosive, quick to charge, and holds 1,000x more cycles unlike Li-ion.

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