Client Portfolio

Carbon-based Supercapacitors
Atlas Power Technologies

Highest energy density carbon-based supercapacitors recorded, using commonly mined resources and a simple manufacturing process. Non-explosive, quick to charge, and holds 1,000x more cycles unlike Li-ion.

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Electric Tractors
Cellestial E-Mobility

EV tractor company focused on capitalizing on a largely untapped market with no clear leader or dominant player. Servicing the increased requirement for smart agriculture machines.

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GoGallop Studios

Leading Australian-based game publisher with officially licensed FEI equestrian game garnering millions of downloads worldwide. Featuring 15 of the world's top eventing riders to compete in 5* events and over 45 world-class horses to collect.

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Electric Aviation Ground Support Equipment
Hallor Industries

Canadian-built electric airport ground support equipment (GSE) and luggage tractors that are best-in-class. Modularly designed for full utility, safety, and major operating cost savings.

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Electric Stand-up ATV
LyteHorse Labs

Canada’s only stand-up EV ATV. Patented, ready for final testing and shipping. Expansion centers in Michigan and soon, US dealerships. Utilities in law enforcement, fire & rescue, defense, industrial (distr./mfg), sports/rec.

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Integrated Solar Panels
Solar Earth Technologies

North America’s first paving integrated photovoltaic solution is here to revolutionize the way the world generates clean energy. Transform any ground surface into a robust dual-use electric generating surface that runs on renewable solar energy.

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Vertical Farming Technology
Stack Foods Industries

Producing North America's top quality plant protein as a sustainable food product using cutting-edge, patented technology.